Students in a lecture hall © Mario Irrmischer

RWTH Aachen University is among the leading technical universities in Europe measured, in particular, by its academic output, its research excellence, the quality of its graduates, and by the quantity of its external funding. A unique location in the center of Europe bordering Belgium and the Netherlands induces an international and technology-driven climate for Aachen as a University City as well as for the whole region. Founded in 1870, RWTH holds 260 institutes in nine faculties and has more than 47,000 Students, about 12,500 of whom are international (in WS20/21).


Perhaps the best opportunities to study AI at RWTH Aachen University are offered by the Master programs Computer Science and Software Systems Engineering. There it is possible to get to know the different facets of AI or to specialize in one of its subfields such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, or knowledge-based systems. The Master program Data Science has also strong connections to AI, and in Media Informatics students can get acquainted with AI methods relevant to media.