HDS-LEE Seminars & HIDA Lectures: "On Learning-Aware Mechanism Design"


HELMHOLTZ School for Data Science in Life, Earth, Energy (HDS-LEE) is inviting to a talk by Prof. Michael I. Jordan from University of California, Berkeley on "Learning-Aware Mechanism Design".

Wednesday, March 01, 2023, 5:00pm

  Portrait M. I. Jordan


Statistical decisions are often given meaning in the context of other decisions, particularly when there are scarce resources to be shared.  Managing such sharing is one of the classical goals of microeconomics, and it is given new relevance in the modern setting of large, human-focused datasets, and in data-analytic contexts such as classifiers and recommendation systems.  I'll discuss several recent projects that aim to explore the interface between machine learning and microeconomics, including leader/follower dynamics in strategic classification, a Lyapunov theory for matching markets with transfers, and the use of contract theory as a way to design mechanisms that perform statistical inference.

Please note, the talk will be in English.


This is a virtual event. Please register here to obtain the Zoom link.