AIC: Challenges and opportunities of data-driven learning in physical robots for neurorehabilitation

Tuesday, July 18, 2023, 4:00pm

The RWTH AI Center has launched a new series of events: the "Artificial Intelligence Colloquium", or in short: AIC. Renowned scientists from RWTH and other universities will present cutting-edge research on methods and applications of artificial intelligence. 

On 18. July, Prof. Heike Vallery will be presenting on "Challenges and opportunities of data-driven learning in physical robots for neurorehabilitation" (in English).

The event will be held in a hybrid mode. The talk will take place in SuperC, Generali Hall and will be live streamed.

You will be sent the link for the live stream after the registration.


After the talk, there will be a poster session infront of the lecture room showcasing projects related to AI.

  Portrait Heike Vallery


AI already shows astounding capabilities in the virtual world. However, when trying to embody intelligent behavior into robots, especially those that physically interact with humans, diverse challenges arise. Examples include regulatory constraints, damage of a robot’s components through exploration, or humans just interacting in surprising ways with animated physical objects. This talk outlines opportunities and open questions for data-driven learning in rehabilitation robotics applications, such as control of a balance-assisting backpack, fall detection algorithms for wearable airbags that protect wearers from hip fractures, or an intelligent robotic ball for neurorehabilitation.


In 2004, Heike Vallery graduated with honors from RWTH Aachen University with a Dipl.-Ing. degree in Mechanical Engineering. Since then, she has been working on robot-assisted rehabilitation and prosthetic legs, in close collaboration with clinicians and partners from industry. In 2009, she earned her Dr.-Ing. from the Technische Universität München and then continued her academic career at ETH Zürich, Khalifa University and TU Delft. Today, she is a full professor at RWTH Aachen and TU Delft, and also holds an honorary professorship at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. Heike Vallery received numerous fellowships and awards, such as the 1st prize of the euRobotics Technology Transfer Award 2014, and recently an Alexander-von-Humboldt professorship to join RWTH Aachen. Her main research interests are in design and control of minimalistic robotics.



The AIC is aimed primarily at researchers and master students and will be held in a hybride form. A registration is necessary in order to receive the login details for the Zoom meeting.

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