New Managing Director at the RWTH AI Center


We are excited to announce the appointment of our new managing director.

  Julia Mann

Dr Julia Mann has taken up the role as the managing director of the AI Center, starting from October 2022. She will play a key role in meeting the AI Center's goal of strengthening the AI research at RWTH Aachen University.

"I see the AI Center as an enabler for interdisciplinary collaboration that centralizes the AI-related projects across the RWTH Aachen University. Through the AI Center, researchers will get to know each other, build meaningful connections, and maybe start new initiatives or projects. Regular events will encourage the sharing of innovative ideas and foster new collaborations. I envisage to establish an AI community within the university, with the AI Center at its heart."

Julia will also be instrumental in expanding the AI Center's activities outside of the university.

"Working in industry and academia, I learned that effective relationships contribute significantly to a successful collaboration and excellent results. It is hence, my personal aspiration to cultivate good relationships which on the other hand foster a cooperative environment. The AI Center is acting already as a hub for knowledge exchange on AI between internal groups but also with external groups. The future activities of the AI Center will further nurture and grow existing and new external collaborations and create new space for innovative ideas. Strategic partnerships will enable us to achieve breakthroughs in methods and applications of AI. And I am looking forward to representing the AI Center, together with other board members, at different occasions, to meeting others who are interested in collaboration and to finding ways how we can advance the research in AI and its applications."

In the medium term, Julia will ensure that the AI Center will also serve as a competence center for AI for the industry and governmental and public entities.

"The AI Center will facilitate knowledge exchange between its members and external partners from industry, government and the society by providing a platform for conversations, collaborations, and partnerships. Events will provide opportunities to meet other suitable project partners, encourage dialogue between different groups, or for talent acquisition. In order to help to close the AI skills gap, the AI Center will exchange knowledge with the industry and educate future domain experts through courses, joint supervision of a project/thesis and other activities. I personally endeavor to emphasise the positive impacts of AI to the society. Through various outreach activities of the AI Center, I envisage to educate our society in AI and demonstrate how AI can enrich people's lives instead of taking away their jobs."

Long-term, Julia will work with the board of directors on establishing the AI Center and the RWTH Aachen as one of the leading universities in AI in Germany.

"We've got an amazing team of some very renown and experienced researchers and young talents who conduct cutting-edge research in AI. Through the AI Center, we aim to showcase our achievements and results to the AI community and beyond. Increased dissemination and promotion of our excellent work will expand national as well as international visibility and presence. Through strategic partnerships with relevant national and international AI groups/institutes/centers synergies will be created and our existing areas of expertise will be deepened, enhanced, and supplemented. Our long-term mission is to become one of the leaders in artificial intelligence and shape the future of this exciting field."

We are very happy to have Julia in our team who is enthusiastic and highly skilled, a true "people person".

"I am looking forward to getting to know and work alongside our team and partners. I am very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead of us and am curious to see we can achieve together."